Common Questions

What is the process in buying a new mattress?

We make it simple with 3 easy steps.

  1. Come and see our range and have our spinal health experts fit the right mattress for you
  2. We place your order directly with Sleepmaker, who makes your bed to order
  3. Within 4 weeks your new mattress arrives at your home

How much money should I spend on a mattress?

We have a range that suits most budgets and while you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good mattress, generally speaking the more you pay the better the quality and the technology in the mattress. With that being said there are still many shops where you can pay a lot of money but still get an inferior product. Come in and talk to us about your budget and let us find a product that will give you the comfort and support you need within your price range.

The thought of a new mattress sounds expensive, how do I justify this?

We like to do the maths and look at how much it is costing you over 10 years. When looking at it like this your new mattress is costing you very little each day and is worth the investment in your health.

How long does a mattress last?

A good mattress will last 7-10 years, but there are many factors that affect this. The things that affect this are how often you rotate it, your weight and the difference in weight between you are your partner,  if you use a mattress protector, if you vacuum the mattress, let it air out, live in a home that is damp, etc.

Does it take time to get used to your new mattress?

The short answer is yes. When you are sleeping on the correct mattress it may take up to 3 weeks for your body to get used to being in the right position and your muscles and joints relaxing. Most people say they feel great from the very first night they sleep on the mattress. For a few people they may be some slight morning stiffness for a couple of weeks.

My last mattress had indentations in it, was it faulty?

Small indentations up to 50mm are normal and a sign that the foam is doing its job. If you don’t rotate your mattress regularly (once every 2 weeks for the first 4 months and then once per 3 months after that) then your mattress may form larger indentations. If you have done the above and you still have indentations then yes there is a fault with your previous mattress. This does happen with lessor quality foams in some beds. Rest assured we only sell high quality products.

I am very hot when I sleep, is there a solution for that?

Yes, some of our mattresses are infused with gel particles which stay cooler and are perfect for a hot sleeper and our North Queensland temperatures. The size of your mattress and comfort layers will also make a difference and we can advise on the best product for you.

My partner moves a lot in bed and often wakes me up, is there a solution to that?

Yes there is, we have different spring systems to help minimise partner disturbance.

Is it important for my child to have a well-supported mattress?

Absolutely, a growing spine needs the right support. Kids do a lot of their growing while they sleep so it is very important our kids are sleeping on a mattress that supports them. We have a range designed for kids that will see them through until their teenage years.

If I have the wrong mattress will it do damage to my back?

The short answer is yes. A mattress that holds your body in a position that isn’t neutral and relaxed is placing stress on it and causing problems. Over time this may cause damage.

Should my mattress have a mattress protector or topper?

Yes for a mattress protector, No for a topper.

A mattress protector prevents body fluids, skin flakes and dust, etc going into the mattress and is a must for your new mattress.

If your new mattress has been fitted properly and is right for your spine, you should not need a mattress topper. To make an old mattress or a very firm mattress more comfortable a mattress topper can be used.

What is more important, a good mattress or pillow?

They are equally important. A good mattress supports your spine and a good pillow makes sure your neck is held in the correct position and maintains the correct curves.

Do I need to flip my mattress regularly?

Rotate yes, Flip no. Due to the technology in mattresses these days, most mattresses are one sided so you don’t need to flip them anymore. You do need to rotate your mattress once every 2 weeks for the first 4 months and then once every 3 months after that.

Does it make a difference to your mattress if there are two people sleeping on it?

Yes it does and we always make sure the mattress is comfortable and supportive for both people.

Does your weight affect the type of mattress that is suited to you?

Yes, different spring systems and comfort layers are suited to different people’s weights. We can advise you on this and find the right spring system to make sure you are comfortable and supported.

When is a good time to get a new mattress?

If your mattress is not comfortable or you are waking up stiff and sore in the mornings then it is time to think about getting a new mattress. Lessor quality mattress may only last 3-5 years, good quality ones should last 7-10 years.

Is it normal to have a broken sleep?

There are many causes of broken sleep but as a general rule it is not normal to have broken sleep. We can offer tips for a better nights sleep plus you can visit our website for a downloadable brochure.

What is the recommended amount of sleep required to achieve optimal health?

The national sleep foundation recommended 7-9 hours for adults aged 18-64 and 7-8 hours adults aged 65+. There are different amounts of sleep recommended for newborns, infants, children and teenagers.

How long will it take to receive my mattress?

Current time between choosing your mattress and delivery is 4 weeks.

What if i buy a new mattress from you and I'm not comfortable sleeping on it?

Rest assured we have confidence in our products and our ability to help you find the right mattress. If you get your mattress home and it isn't working for you, we have a 30 night comfort exchange guarantee. Please click here for conditions.

Can the mattress be delivered to my house?

Yes we can organise delivery to your house.

Where is the mattress manufactured?

In Brisbane using Australian products.

Is Latex still a product we should look for in a good mattress?

This is a hotly contested topic and it all depends who you talk to. Often people will choose a latex bed because they want a natural product not realising that most latex beds on the market are actually only 10% natural latex and 90% synthetic. We have done years of bedding research and feel that the best mattress for your spine is a good quality inner spring mattress with quality foam comfort layers and quilting system. We stock these in our showroom and are happy to discuss the different types and benefits of these mattresses.

Does it matter if I have my own bed base for the mattress or do I need to buy a new base too?

The two work as a system to support you so it is important you have a good base. Providing your base is in good condition and the slats are no more than 10cm apart, you can continue to use your current base.